Omni Brite

CONCENTRATED (1:4 - 1:15)

OMNI BRITE is a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner formulated with CleanGredients listed surfactants to help safeguard human and environmental health.  This versatile cleaner is strong enough to cut through the toughest exterior grime, bugs and deposits and is excellent for more sensitive interior fabrics when diluted further.

About the name change: OMNI BRITE is the same great formula as Beetle Juice.  As the product evolved far more than a bug remover the name was changed to better fit its applications.

  • Function
Removes insect residue
  • Surfaces
Vehicle exterior
  • pH
  • Formulation
Water-based solution
  • Corrosiveness
High (caustic)
  • Color


  • Fragrance


  • VOC compliant and VOC-free
  • Formulated with CleanGredients® listed surfactants
  • Glycol ether and solvent-free
  • Safely and effectively removes insect residue from vehicle surfaces
  • Concentrated formula reduces usage costs