Flame Thrower Light

One of the most critical components needed when polishing automotive paint is... LIGHTING! Inadequate lighting can mask or fail to illuminate surface scratches, blemishes, rotary swirls, and DA haze. Certain tones of light are virtually incapable of showing surface scratches. Interestingly... too much light can be blinding. Too much light is almost as bad as too little light! Even if a light source features perfect tone and strength, it can be difficult to illuminate the area where it's needed most. Complex-curved panels, dark garages, cloudy days, lack of plug-in power, or cramped work areas can deem typical light sources unreasonable to use. (7,800K color temp | 400/800 lumens | 2,200 MAh lithium-ion battery) The FLAMETHROWER mounts directly onto your polishing machine. Adjustability is infinite. The Flamethrower features two brightness settings, and utilizes a 6-pack of specialized LED lights. On-board battery power is USB chargable; one charge typically lasts a day-long polishing session.

Kit includes: Flamethrower LED Light, aluminum mounting arm, two black oxide flathead mounting bolts (M8-1.25 x 40mm length | M10-1.5 x 50mm length), two spacers (10mm height | 20mm height), charging cord, instruction manual.

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