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Dual Action, Variable Speed Orbital Polisher

The Hi-Buff DA Polisher is comparable in price to the popular Porter Cable 7424 (CB567254), but the fact of the matter is, they are not even the same animal. The pattern made by the Porter Cable simply does not yield the same results and takes more time to finish the job. The Hi-Buff however makes two motions with its pad at the same time, simulating a human hand application but with less effort and even compounding results. As the Hi-Buff DA Polisher turns the pad, it creates a circular rotation and secondly it creates a random movement while rotating in a circle making it much more difficult to damage or burn the paint. This Hi-Buff’s forced circular pad rotation, combined with the exceptional throw of the oscillations give the HI-Buff DA Polisher a much more desirable result by increasing the cutting power, all the while safely preventing swirls and burns. The beauty of this machine is that you can also improve your painted finish by quickly applying sealants, wax coats, and glazes instead of doing it by hand or having to buy a separate machine just for Waxing. The Hi-Buff Dual Action Variable Speed Orbital Polisher is a real game changer.

  • DA Polisher
  • Professional grade
  • Saves time & money


  • Length

20.5 inch(es)

  • Width

6 inch(es)

  • Height

6.5 inch(es)

  • Weight

9 lb(s)