Black Pearl™ Speed Spray II

Black Pearl™ Speed Spray II provides an extreme hydrophobic, self-leveling protective barrier and lustrous shine that lasts up to 3 months! Unlike traditional detailers that sit on the vehicle's surface, Black Pearl™ Speed Spray II has reactive polymers that rejuvenates ceramic coated surfaces by chemically bonding to paint, clearcoat, and metal surfaces. This action provides a durable barrier that helps protect against adhesion of dirt, grime, bugs, and water spots. And, it's self-leveling properties create a more perfect surface for the ultimate shine. Plus, it's cationic formula helps helps repel dust keeping your ride cleaner - longer. Black Pearl™ Speed Spray II cannot be washed away by soaps or detergents during the wash process. Look for soaps with the Ceramic Coating Safe designation.

  • Function

Ceramic Booster & Quick Detailer 

  • Surfaces

Paint, Glass, & Chrome 

  • Formulation


  • Color


  • Fragrance



  • Protects against: scratches, adhesion of grime, insects, tree sap, bird dropping, acid rain, corrosion, oxidation, fading, ultra-violet (UV) light and water spots.
  • Extremely hydrophobic.
  • Provides a deep, rich shine.
  • Lasts up to 3 months.