Black Pearl™ SiO2 Ceramic Coating

Car Brite Black Pearl Ceramic Si02 Coating provides a lasting, impermeable barrier that protects surfaces against the harshest of elements while providing a deep, rich gloss. The Si02 formula is a liquid glass coating resistant to scratches, acid, salt, chloride and alkaline making it far more durable than wax. The coating provides a near perfect surface creating a self-cleaning finish that helps prevent water spots and the adhesion of deposits while enhancing color and depth of shine. Plus, its anti-static properties help repel dust helping keep surfaces cleaner - longer.

  • Function

Impermeable coating for painted and glass surfaces 

  • Surfaces

Paint, Glass & Chrome 

  • Formulation

Silicon Dioxide 

  • Color


  • Fragrance



  • Liquid glass 9H protection 
  • 10x harder than today's painted finishes 
  • Lasts up to 5 years Helps keep your vehicle cleaner - longer 
  • Anti-static formula helps repel dust 
  • Helps prevent scratches 
  • Fills small scratches and swirl marks