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Black Pearl - Heavy Compound

An extremely buffable compound that quickly removes heavy (up to 1200 grit) scratches, oxidation and orange peel from any painted surface. Ideal for high volume shops, it is body shop-safe and VOC compliant. It generates minimal swirling and buffing residue, and features a spicy cinnamon scent.

  • Function
Remove medium to deep scratches and heavy oxidation
  • Surfaces
  • Formulation
Oil-in-water emulsion
  • Color
Light Beige
  • Fragrance


  • Quickly and effectively removes medium to deep scratches and heavy oxidation
  • Very little product needed, which prevents pads from becoming saturated
  • Formulated with state-of-the-art acrylic emulsion that's extremely compatible with today's urethane and polyurethane clearcoats
  • Contains aluminum oxide which ensures an even, swirl-free finish 
  • Does not contain silicone, and will not "fish eye" freshly applied paint