Remove Grease, Tar & Wax


  • Spray Bottle
  • Applicator Pad
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Body Prep Solvent
  • Doo All Pad
  • Bug Remover
STEP #1: Spray Body Prep Solvent on both the cleaning tool (an applicator pad, in this case)
STEP #2: Then spray directly on the surface to be cleaned and let dwell for several minutes. If it starts to dry, reapply. The solvent cleaner should start to break down the stain.
PRO TIP: If removing tar from plastic or fender flares, test the solvent cleaner in an inconspicuous area so to be certain that solvent cleaner will not stain or discolor.
STEP #3: Lightly agitate the Solvent on the surface. (If needed)
STEP #4: If the petroleum-based soils are especially heavy (particularly tar), a more abrasive Doo All Pad may be required for agitation. Gently use on the heavy buildup.
PRO TIP: If using an abrasive Doo All Pad, before using it, slice a 1 thick piece off the Doo All Pad and soak it in warm water so that it is not as hard on the vehicle surface.
STEP #5: Fenders and behind the wheels are prone to heavy tar. Other areas are mud flaps, ground effects, and fender flares (facias).
STEP #6: Thoroughly pressure rinse all areas cleaned.