Remove Debris & Vacuum

  • Vacuum
  • High-pressure cleaning tool
  • Additional Lighting
  • Bucket with water and a general-purpose cleaner
  • Trash bag
STEP #1: Remove and store personal items in large resealable bags to set aside. Then remove all floor mats.
PRO TIP: Even though this step involves no chemicals it is still wise to wear disposable nitrile gloves while removing items from the vehicle. Also, make sure to check for any dangerous or sharp objects below the seats.
STEP #2: Blow dirt and debris from under the front seat (backwards) with an air-whip cleaning tool. While working on interiors, brighter light results in a greater effectiveness with removing debris and dirt. There are specialty lights available to help illuminate dark interiors.
STEP #3: Blow dust from the vents with an air-whip cleaning tool.
STEP #4: Blow dust and debris that gets trapped in speaker grills. You can also use the vacuum to suck these particles out of those tiny grill holes.
STEP #5: Thoroughly vacuum the floor mats and all fabric surfaces in ...
STEP #6: Vacuum the interior compartment, storage areas like large consoles, and the trunk.
STEP #7: Empty the ash trays, removable cup holders, and compartment linings and soak them in a mild General Purpose Cleaner solution. These compartments will be listed in the owner’s manual.